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this is life... no waiting for it. its here.

i saw a rain bow...well only half a rainbow.
Mr. Bowler, my algebra teacher in Fredonia, and his wife had a baby. this baby got sick and had lots of problems. well one afternoon this baby died at home in his crib. that afternoon the rain came from the west instead of the north. with a dark backdrop of clouds and the setting sun opposite, a full and complete rainbow appeared over the bowler residence. streangth with closure.

many a sad death in that little town.

i like to complain about work, its because thats esay. i cannot bitch about my baby dying. or my friend that is wasting his life and body away with meth. in my head these are better left uncomplained about. thats the esay thing to do. im weak and spineless. oh yeah ill talk about what i think to whoever will listen...as long as its not about them. my plan will not be flawed. nothing too difficult. yet no action wiil ever come from me. this is the esay way.

i cannot tune in and drop out. i must go with the flow, only i know im going with it.

though terrible things are going on in the world
things wont stop. "we'll all float on..."

we can only learn from our past actions and actions of others to be prepared for what will come.
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